The children in our Pre-School class always enjoy getting creative. Last week they were busy making some amazing snail pictures using paint and googly eyes. The children were given a design to follow by our staff, but were able to independently create their own artwork. Activities such as painting give children the opportunity and motivation to practise manipulative skills. The children were able to observe the example painting and make their own version using their imagination and creativity.

Children may show interest in exploring colour mixing, which they have previously learned about. When painting their snails, they were able to choose the colours they wanted to use or make their own colour by mixing 2 together. They each chose a different coloured piece of card to create their snail on, so they would all be different from one another and create their own unique version.

Here is some other fun snail artwork to get involved with.

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Young girl holding a red piece of card with a painting of a snail on it.
Woman and boy sitting at table with green, blue and brown paint and black and red card
Red card with brown snail painted on with yellow head and googly eyes
Boy sitting at table with blue, green and brown paint and paintbrush