The children at the nursery love playing outside in the garden. Pre-school and Toddler rooms 1 and 2 enjoy using our outdoor resources such as the climbing frame, trikes, mud kitchen, sandpit and water feature. The children engage in imaginary play based on their own ideas or first-hand experiences when playing together outside and create different scenarios. They especially love making ‘food’ and ‘pies’ in the mud kitchen for each other, which they may mirror from what adults do.

The children have access to a wide variety of materials and resources both inside and outside that stimulate their imagination to build, become and experiment with their imaginative play and thinking.

They love playing with each other on the climbing frame and have been enjoying running after bubbles in the garden. The children love sensory play and playing with the mud and bubbles can help with their development. Play is spontaneous, flexible, and unique to each child and we provide a range of resources to allow them to explore this.

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Pre-school boy in green coat on small yellow trike in garden
Young girl playing outside in garden with blue and pink coat on, jumping to try and catch bubbles
Young boy with dark green dinosaur coat on and hood up, in the sandpit with a spade, playing and digging
2 young girls playing on water feature outside, pulling lever for water to come out
2 young girls in pink and blue coats, outside the learning snug, looking at bubbles being blown and flying
2 toddler girls in a green coat and pink coat, out in the garden by a small black table covered in sand, digging and playing with spades
Pre-school aged boy with dark green coat on red trike outside in garden
2 young boys in a green coat and black coat, playing outside with a bucket of mud on a table mixing it together with a spade
3 toddler boys in black and blue coats, hanging onto a green rope ladder at the bottom of the climbing frame