Nursery for toddlers in Twickenham

New Nursery for toddlers in Twickenham is opening soon.

Our heuristic and nature baskets are always a big hit at our open events; all of which are child friendly and have curious items available for little ones to explore.

nursery for toddlers in twickenham

“Heuristic play is an enriching type of play where babies and young children interact with everyday objects, rather than toys. The goal of heuristic play is to provide a wide range of sensory stimulation to help children discover and learn things for themselves” (What is Heuristic Play? | Examples, Tips and EYFS Resources (

This type of play provides more possibilities for children to explore, and will utilise household objects such as pots and pans and kitchen utensils, bathroom sponges and other textile items. We also include items such as bangles, or scarves and wooden decorations. All the items babies and toddlers seem to reach for in the home, despite a room full of plastic toys!

The inclusion of lots of natural materials provides babies with more sensory feedback, and they get to decide what to reach for and how to explore the objects; helping with their confidence and concentration.

Typically used in the baby and toddler room, this type of play is allowed to unfold without intervention from practitioners; the children get to direct their own play. Our staff team at The Mall Nursery will always be present and engaged though and will share in the discoveries and play!

Heuristic play is very sensory; children use sight, sound, smell, touch and taste which supports both motor and cognitive development. Plastic toys typically give the same sensory experience and young children can quickly become bored with them; heuristic play is a much richer experience.

Did you know?

The word ‘heuristic’ actually means ‘enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.

Imagine a child with a variety of items, with no fixed purpose. They can discover how to make different sounds by combining different items, or by moving them in different ways. By removing instructions or toys with a fixed, repetitive purpose we can allow children to think more critically and become aware of how to create different outcomes.

Other benefits of this type of play include:

  • developing hand-eye coordination
  • strengthening muscles used to sit and squat
  • exploring shape, size, texture
  • learn about cause and effect

For more information, take a look at Nursery World’s parent’s guide.

Home learning – A parent’s guide to … treasure basket and heuristic play | Nursery World

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The Mall School is working alongside Toddleworld Nursery Management to transform the school’s site at 84 Hampton Road into a vibrant, exciting and inspiring environment for young children within a high-quality and purpose built setting which includes a large outdoor space for the children to play and learn in. The new day nursery in Twickenham will also use the school’s extensive facilities including a weekly swim in the indoor heated swimming pool and performances in the 160 seat theatre.

The Nursery at The Mall will be open 51 weeks of the year, taking boys and girls from 6 months to school age. Our approach is all about learning through play, following your child’s interests and using natural, authentic resources. Our core opening hours are 7:30am – 6:30pm. We offer an early start from 7:00am and extended pick-up time of 7:00pm by request to meet the needs of busy working parents.

Situated close to several train stations, the nursery is ideal for commuting parents as well as those who will be staying locally. Our buggy park offers a convenient storage option for families who will be walking to the nursery.

Boys at the nursery will automatically be offered a place in The Mall School’s Reception class, however the nursery is a standalone provision, offering an excellent nursery education for all local families with no expectation of children continuing into the school. All children in the pre-school year of the nursery will benefit from an excellent transition programme to get them ready and excited for their next school.

Work on the redevelopment of the site will begin soon and the nursery is already taking details from families interested in admission. Welcome events, tours and visits are being held and will increase in frequency in the run up to the opening of the nursery