Unlocking the ABCs with our little learners! 📚✨ From A to Z, they’re mastering uppercase and lowercase letter recognition. 

Specific areas of learning and development provide children with knowledge and skills to flourish in society. These areas include Literacy and children often begin to represent what they understand with their own actions, marks or words. 

Literacy is about understanding and being understood. Learning about literacy means developing the ability to interpret, create and communicate meaning through writing and reading in different media, such as picture books, logos, environmental print and digital

We enable the children’s environment by providing a range of materials such as pencils, pens and paint. The children are able to write their letters themselves, with support from staff when needed.

Writing systems are ways to symbolise meaning and children learn and develop a lot of knowledge as they begin to write. Writing skills and understanding start to develop in babies and toddlers. As toddlers develop, they increase their understanding of how marks are symbolic and convey meaning. Their marks develop into letters and carry meaning. 

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