The nursery children have been having an absolute blast this week. The little ones are embracing the warm weather and making the most of their time outdoors. With a refreshing treat of juicy oranges, they have been keeping themselves hydrated and energised.

Outdoor spaces particularly provide rich opportunities for children to share ideas and feelings with peers. Playing together often introduces new elements of play, as well as bringing the challenge of communicating ideas to each other.

It’s important to enable different environments for the children. They thrive within environments that support their individual and
diverse motivations, interests and needs. Being outdoors offers unique possibilities, and daily opportunities for all of the children at the nursery. They can immerse themselves in our garden and take part in a range of engaging activities and can have  independent exploration by choosing how to play. They can connect with other children, adults and the natural world as they benefit from
freedom of movement and activity, within a framework of supportive adult guidance.

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