Last week the children in Toddler Rooms 1 and 2, and our Pre-school Room took part in a range of activities to celebrate Easter.

Toddler Room 1 made Easter nest cakes, using rice crispy cereal and melted chocolate. The children were able to make these independently by spooning the cereal into their cupcake cake and then pouring the melted chocolate on top. This was a fun activity which also added to their physical development, as the children used both hands independently to hold the spoon and mix the ingredients.

Pre-school also made these cakes and were able to mix the cereal and chocolate together in a bowl first before adding to their own cupcake cases. The children also made some amazing chick artwork, using different materials such as paper, googly eyes and pom-poms. This allowed them to be expressive through using different materials, as they could design the chicks however they liked.

Toddler Room 2 had a busy day of painting Easter eggs and bonnets. The children used paint to design bright and colourful polystyrene eggs, which again allows them to be expressive through artwork and also allows them to develop their motor skills by using both hands to hold the egg and paintbrush.

Finally, the children were able to decorate the blossom tree in the room with lots of different coloured egg decorations to truly get into the Easter spirit.

Here are some more ideas of fun things to do with the children during Easter: Easter activities. 

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