Activities for children

Our bespoke curriculum at The Mall Nursery has been designed by leading early years expert John Warren who creates educational activities for children.

We spoke to John about ‘transient art’ and the opportunities that there will be at The Mall Nursery to explore this.

John explained “typically children will produce art work by drawing, painting or gluing objects to the page; this type of art work becomes fixed and difficult to alter. Transient art opens up a whole new world of possibilities, with non-permanent pieces of art work”.

Children at The Mall Nursery will be able to use a range of items including those sourced from nature such as the leaves and flowers in the photos below to create their designs. They can try out different designs, move things around and continue to alter them until they are happy.

“Transient art provides children with additional opportunities to develop confidence and express themselves; they can immerse themselves in a masterpiece until they are happy with it and in doing so our early years professionals can help children to really benefit from the process, and not just the end product” adds John.

Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Shilling Andy Goldsworthy Sculptures, Bio, Ideas | TheArtStory  Leaf – RICHARD SHILLING provide inspirational examples of this type of art work and the immersion in nature. By creating art in this way, children can also involve their whole bodies and use movements not typically seen with painting or drawing at the art table.

Why not try this out at home by finding a photo frame, or create one with string or sticks, and some natural resources from a walk or a visit to the florists to see what your little one creates! If it’s something they really love and want to ‘keep’ take a photo! We’d love to see their creations.

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The Mall School is working alongside Toddleworld Nursery Management to transform the school’s site at 84 Hampton Road into a vibrant, exciting and inspiring environment for young children within a high-quality and purpose built setting which includes a large outdoor space for the children to play and learn in. The new day nursery in Twickenham will also use the school’s extensive facilities including a weekly swim in the indoor heated swimming pool and performances in the 160 seat theatre.

The Nursery at The Mall will be open 51 weeks of the year, taking boys and girls from 6 months to school age. Our approach is all about learning through play, following your child’s interests and using natural, authentic resources. Our core opening hours are 7:30am – 6:30pm. We offer an early start from 7:00am and extended pick-up time of 7:00pm by request to meet the needs of busy working parents.

Situated close to several train stations, the nursery is ideal for commuting parents as well as those who will be staying locally. Our buggy park offers a convenient storage option for families who will be walking to the nursery.

Boys at the nursery will automatically be offered a place in The Mall School’s Reception class, however the nursery is a standalone provision, offering an excellent nursery education for all local families with no expectation of children continuing into the school. All children in the pre-school year of the nursery will benefit from an excellent transition programme to get them ready and excited for their next school.

Work on the redevelopment of the site will begin soon and the nursery is already taking details from families interested in admission. Welcome events, tours and visits are being held and will increase in frequency in the run up to the opening of the nursery.